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Disaster Response

Building homes, building hope

Adrian Arndt's picture

When Tropical Cyclone Winston ravaged over Fiji last year, it left devastating ruin in its wake. Adrian Arndt went to the village of Nailawa to help with the rebuild and found incredible resilience amid the destruction.

The Paris aftermath: global manhunts, halting refugees

Binoy Kampmark's picture

After the Paris attacks, legitimate asylum seekers to Europe are suspected of taking the seed of criminality with them. Binoy Kampmark fears that liberal Europe, deemed deluded in its compassion, is gradually giving way at the seams.

Terror in Paris: the security and intelligence response over the next few days

Patrick Walsh's picture

The international community is reeling from the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night. Intelligence and security expert Dr Patrick Walsh talks us through what will happen next.

Samarco mine disaster in Brazil: the tragedy of the commons at work

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The recent collapse of a dam in Brazil killed 11 people with a dozen still missing. Max Thomas says disasters like this will keep occurring while the desire for more of everything as cheap as possible exists.

Pacific Island Project wins United Nations Award

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The United Nations has recognised the ‘Mapping Exposure to Sea Level Rise in the Pacific Islands’ Project as a leading initiative dealing with climate change. Jessica Purbrick-Herbst from CRC for Spatial Information explains.

Exploring other solutions to tackle climate change

Laurence Strano's picture

Governments on state and federal level have the opportunity and obligation to act on climate change. Laurence Strano identifies a couple of areas where we could tackle the issue more decisively.

Bake the world a better place

Big Cake Bake Red Cross logoHelping those in need is a piece of cake this August. By baking and raising money, you will be supporting Red Cross programs to help improve the lives of vulnerable people in Australia and across the region.

The need for climate change adaptation

Kevin Parton's picture

The current heatwave is just one sign of increasing climate change with weather becoming more extreme. Professor Kevin Parton argues that instead of concentrating on overcoming disasters when they occur, we need to learn to respond more effectively in future. 

Property levy threatened in new review

Brian McKinlay's picture

The New South Wales Government is reviewing the emergency services funding system in a bid to make it more efficient. Brian McKinlay looks at the review from the perspective of the Rural Fire Service.

Flood Insurance Reform consultation paper

Water thumbnailThe Government has released its response to the recommendations of the Natural Disaster Insurance Review. Under the reform proposal, every Australian seeking to purchase or renew home insurance will be offered flood cover, using a common sense definition of 'flood'. The Australian Treasury is now seeking stakeholder views as to whether this proposal could improve the availability and transparency of flood insurance and what costs are associated with implementing the reform. Closing day for submissions - 30 March 2012.