Innovation featured forumAustralia has had a number of major innovations in the past. We still produce great research and come up with disruptive ideas. But as the rest of the world speeds ahead in the innovation sector, how can we keep up, and what can we learn from other countries to lift Australia’s performance? Most organisations would say that they want to be more innovative, but what does that mean?

For the next two months we’ll discuss this in our featured forum. Innovation is a centrepiece of the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's agenda for Australia. Together with the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Christopher Pyne he announced a highly anticipated innovation statement in early December, where he called for an 'ideas boom' and revealed a funding package of almost $1.1 billion spread across multiple initiatives and programs.

We need more than good intentions to drive a cultural shift. Innovation starts at school. We know that for the jobs of the future we’ll need core skills like coding and data science, mathematics and statistics, but we also need to foster creative thinking and entrepreneurship. We need a generation of curious Australians who are willing to try new things, accept that they might fail and try again.

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STEM Education Opportunites

Key comments. “Innovation starts at school” and “We need a generation of curious Australians who are willing to try new things, accept that they might fail and try again.” and for students that are willing (and allowed) to question and come up with their own solutions. The problem persists of how can our education system adapt to change. a change that not only incorporates new knowledge, but also a new way of teaching.

Programs that help teachers teach STEM: I am currently with 60 other like-minded teachers in Canberra, participating in the STEMX Academy, an initiative of the Australian Science Teachers Association. All teachers were selected by application to spend a week of the school holidays to collaborate and learn about STEM education from educational and science leaders. These are some of the new generation of teachers that are passionate about teaching and integrating STEM curriculum into the classroom.

Programs that help students participate in STEM: The iSTEM program currently running in Sydney gives students the opportunity to mix with other like-minded students to participate in science education activities on weekends and school holidays. More information at www.istem.com.au Also for the student keen on Space Science. There is the Teacher and Student US Space Academy and Field Studies Program (including a cultural visit to South Korea). www.spacecamp.com.au

Technology Innovation

Technology innovation is the process through which new (or improved) technologies are developed and brought into widespread use. In the simplest formulation, innovation can be thought of as being composed of research, development, demonstration, and deployment, although it is abundantly clear that innovation is not a linear process - there are various interconnections and feedback loops between these stages, and often even the stages themselves cannot be trivially disaggregated. Innovation involves the involvement of a range of organizations and personnel (laboratories, firms, financing organizations, etc.), with different institutional arrangements underpinning the development and deployment of different kinds of technologies; contextual factors such as government policies also significantly shape the innovation process.

How to collect funding for a technology innovation program

For plenty marketers running a generation innovation application, funding is a difficulty. this is due to the fact era innovation is a high hazard money gobbling enterprise with no ensures of success. subsequently, many credit score lending establishments shrink back from loaning to innovators and specifically younger innovators who're but to make a mark within the innovation industry. If at all of the loan is granted, it comes with high prices of interest and the stringiest regulations viable. that is because the loan is regarded as an excessive risk with little danger of it being repaid in time if it's far even repaid in any respect. that is pretty true to some extent because, in maximum cases, younger innovators can only have enough money to pay returned the mortgage after their innovative product or service is offered. The success of the innovation program may be confronted with many issues consisting of prison and other constraints, that can best translate to time being misplaced which ends up in unforeseen delays inside the full improvement and launch of the progressive product or service. considering that many lending establishments have a hard and fast length when the loan desires to b repaid, this will result in foremost misunderstandings.

Traffic Education

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Today more than ever education is critical for the future of Australia. The mining industry is done and not enough children are considering trades in alternative industries - we are bringing doctors and nurses in from overseas and not producing enough new ideas internally. The retail industry for one is an area that needs focus, so many young minds could learn trades in graphic design, fashion design and marketing www.westbrothers.com.au Hopefully Australia will put more focus into areas that are deserving like the streetwear clothing industry, far too many dollars are spent importing when focus could be spent on internal growth!