Climate Change

There is no further need for debate over the reality of climate change – the science is incontrovertible. We are experiencing extreme weather patterns everywhere: longer heatwaves, more floods and bushfires. The polar ice is melting and iconic places like the Great Barrier Reef are at grave risk.

Leading up to the Climate Change Conference in Paris in December, we will discuss developments in Australia and worldwide. Where do we stand? How are we tracking? What happens after Paris? And is there any hope?

Australia is one of the largest emitter per capita. So far the new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he will not consider returning to the carbon trading scheme he once advocated. He ruled out changing the Coalition’s existing climate change polices and wants to stick with Direct Action.

As governments alone are too slow to act, we need to engage business and communities more than we do already. We have to make lowering carbon emission part of our national identity.

What are the economic opportunities in the fight against global warming? Can we have a clean energy revolution that will drive, not hinder, growth? Some anticipate that solar could be globally competitive with coal by 2020. Greenpeace has recently released a report stating that Australia could operate with 100% renewable energy by 2050. How can other new technologies help slow down or even reverse damage done by climate change?

What are the most pressing issues around climate change according to you? Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au and share your ideas and concerns with our online community.





We need to control this global warming issue.

Climate Change

The changes in the climate have is affecting the oceans, animal species, sea level and human lifestyles. We need to control the global warming issue as life also depends on the climate and environment. Balance must be maintained as small changes in climate will have consequences on animals, trees, and human life.

Global Warming.

OOPS! Sorry. What is the point in closing the gate? When the Cattle are loose in the park. The population of My Mother Earth are uncooperative foolish Neanderthals, they are barely out of the Caves and have not long had their knuckle raised from the earths surface. They are ignorant Monkeys that lack understanding, the WILL to succeed and the Ethics to fully aware of the reality of our situation. The sad facts are that; Sure we do have some of the blame for Global Warming, not total as some foolish Pundits would have you believe. There has been a natural tendency for Nature to move in her own direction regardless of how we as a Species feel. We all must understand that we have a very narrow field of survival and will only be able to live on the Earth while that Narrow Field is maintained. The sad fact in that matter is WE as a Species will never have any control over Mother Natures "Doings" "Our Planet is what it is" and we must learn to survive on her like "So many Fleas on a Dog" We are a plague as a species, We are inept as a species,We as a species can not Cooperate as a Species. We bleat and "play at" everything and believe by saying the Right Words that will be so. (WE ARE FOOLS) That deserve the Inevitable. On Global Warming has anyone ever mentioned the Human input along with the Natural tenancy towards that same end? I think not. Has anyone mentioned Tectonic Plate Movement? The Raising and Lowering of Land mass weather it be in the Ocean Floor or the Highest Mountain Range? Do you think as a Species that these things and more have no effect on Global Warming? Why do we not think of Mother Earth in a Holistic sense? Is it too much for a mass brain the size that this species carries? The answer is that because we can barely cooperate with each other that we will never have the Hive Mentality to be able to think in unison using all of our LOVELY Technology to help us to leave a dying and perhaps dead Planet to find a new place to exist somewhere OUT THERE In this Massive Universe. No Fight on Argue the Pro's and Con's, Procrastinate and watch your homes burn around you. Ron Williams. PS; I am not afraid to put my name to any of my writings " I Think! Therefore I am"

defeatists are a problem

If you think that we could find another Earth and all fly off to it easier than cleaning up our own mess here then your as crazy as a Christian. Humans can and do affect our environment. With some good science maybe we can affect it in a good way for a change.


That is why most times I think deeply about some things.

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