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Population and Communities

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National Close the Gap Day16 March 2017 is National Close the Gap Day in Australia. This is a day in which all Australians band together to spread awareness about the health inequality that is affecting Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across the country.

Australian leadership: People who dare to dream. People who are prepared to take risks.

Les Twentyman's picture

Les Twentyman OAM is one of Australia’s best-known youth outreach workers and social campaigners and the founder of the Les Twentyman Foundation. He talked to about what Australians want from leadership.  

Trump’s populist leadership

Henrik Bang's picture

US President Donald Trump again demonstrated his populist leadership and communication style at a first solo press conference. Henrik Bang explains why Trump appeals to those who feel excluded from ‘big’ politics.

This human – working towards a world of abundance and equality

Dr Melis Senova's picture

We need leaders who care, who are concerned about the state of things and want to do something about it. In her new book Dr Melis Senova is reaching out to the curious and open-minded among us.

Productive Ageing – an individual’s perspective

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Productive Ageing is measured by participation in the economy and often referenced as a broad statistic. But what does it look like for each individual, and how can we create societal change to make ageing a positive aspiration? Andrea Warr, Co-founder of WiserLife, explains.

Working and retiring under the new NSW Ageing Strategy

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When developing their Ageing Strategy, the NSW Government consulted with more than 4,000 older people. Helen Rogers explains what they learnt and what this means for the future of working and retiring.

Meaningful social impact information vital for our communities

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We expect our decision-makers to make well-informed and responsible choices that benefit our communities. How can we measure the social impact this has? Jenni Greig has spent the last few years finding out.

Australian post-school education in the age of Trump

Don Perlgut's picture

There are very few guideposts for what the Trump Administration will do in higher education. Don Perlgut, CEO of Community Colleges Australia, looks at the Australian VET sector.

The Global Risks Report 2017

World Economic Forum logoThe World Economic Forum has released its interim Global Risks Report for this year. Now in its 12th edition, The Global Risks Report 2017 highlights the most significant long-term risks worldwide.


International Vendor Week 2017

The Big Issue logoThe Big Issue is celebrating International Vendor Week from 6-10 February with their annual CEO Selling campaign, raising awareness for the 10,000 people selling street papers in 35 countries around the world.