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National Close the Gap Day16 March 2017 is National Close the Gap Day in Australia. This is a day in which all Australians band together to spread awareness about the health inequality that is affecting Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across the country.

Trump’s populist leadership

Henrik Bang's picture

US President Donald Trump again demonstrated his populist leadership and communication style at a first solo press conference. Henrik Bang explains why Trump appeals to those who feel excluded from ‘big’ politics.

Stop playing political games with the Child Care Subsidy Reform

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The Government has stalled the Child Care Package by tying it to other welfare reforms in the Omnibus Bill. Samantha Page, CEO of Early Childhood Australia (ECA), calls on all Federal politicians to stop using the Child Care Subsidy Reform as a pawn in political gamesmanship.

Democracy and populism

John Keane's picture

We’re witnessing the rise of populist leaders around the globe. John Keane, Professor of Politics and co-founder and director of the Sydney Democracy Network (SDN), explains why we need something more radically democratic to turn this around.

Calls for urgent action to make ‘sorry’ real on Apology anniversary

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The National Apology to the Stolen Generations was an important acknowledgement of the harm that was done, but practical measures are urgently required, says Richard Weston, CEO of the Healing Foundation.

This human – working towards a world of abundance and equality

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We need leaders who care, who are concerned about the state of things and want to do something about it. In her new book Dr Melis Senova is reaching out to the curious and open-minded among us.

Time to rise: The positive impact of diversity in the workplace

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Women are kicking goals everywhere but remain underrepresented in leadership roles. What can we do to improve gender equality in the workforce? Aniya Roslan from The 100% Project explains.

Productive Ageing – an individual’s perspective

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Productive Ageing is measured by participation in the economy and often referenced as a broad statistic. But what does it look like for each individual, and how can we create societal change to make ageing a positive aspiration? Andrea Warr, Co-founder of WiserLife, explains.

Australian pensioners living in poverty – get mad and spread the word!

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More than one-third of Australian pensioners are living below the poverty line, with costs of living rising while pensions stay low compared to other countries. Terrence Bondfield says it’s high time to look after our ageing population.

Do women need to be good networkers to lead?

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In a dynamic and complex business environment, networking is crucial. Jason Renshaw from Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) says highly developed emotional intelligence and communication skills are the basis for powerful collaboration and reciprocal learning.