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Calls for urgent action to make ‘sorry’ real on Apology anniversary

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The National Apology to the Stolen Generations was an important acknowledgement of the harm that was done, but practical measures are urgently required, says Richard Weston, CEO of the Healing Foundation.

This human – working towards a world of abundance and equality

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We need leaders who care, who are concerned about the state of things and want to do something about it. In her new book Dr Melis Senova is reaching out to the curious and open-minded among us.

The birth of Trumpland: Notes on an inauguration

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With the country ridden by woe and revulsion; with the discontent so profound and vicious, the Trump presidency began. It did so by way of comparison – of the chalk-cheese variety. In 2008, when the shining armour of Knight Obama took centre stage, there were sighs, ecstatic releases, heavy exhalations of hope. The theme, then, to start this presidency: numbers of attendees.

Anniversary of apology to the Stolen Generations

13 February 2017 marks the ninth anniversary of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s official apology to the Stolen Generations at Parliament House.



Orange the world

United NationsFrom 25 November to 10 December 2016, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence aim to raise public awareness to bring about change. This year, the UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign invites you to “Orange the world.”

What is education for?

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Can we in Australia do more for our youngest? Karen Szydlik introduces an educational project that considers young children as citizens with rights in the present and schools as places for democratic life.

The rise of Trump has lessons for Australia

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Australia must act to address inequality, recommit to inclusion and hear citizen voice if it is to avoid a populist revolt on the scale of Brexit or the rise of Trump, argues Craig Wallace.

Inequality in the spotlight

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Could wealth and income inequality be the reason for current volatile political situations in many countries, the ascendancy of maverick political figures and the fracturing of Australia’s political system? Dr. Veronica Sheen makes a compelling case based on French economist Piketty’s ideas.

We need to end Australia’s refugee shame. Now

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The Turnbull Government is preparing to ban all post-July 2013 boat arrivals from ever entering Australia. Phil Glendenning, President of the Refugee Council of Australia, says the devastating impact of the incarceration and punishment on innocent people has to stop.

Bystander anti-racism: The challenge of speaking up

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A small team at CQU recently undertook an online research project looking at everyday racism and have now published their results. Craig Hackett has more.