About Us

Open Forum is a division of Global Access Partners (GAP), a non-for-profit proactive and influential network which initiates high-level discussions at the cutting edge of the most pressing commercial, social and global issues of today. 

Open Forum is committed to finding novel solutions and identifying commercial and policy opportunities by leveraging shared interests, access and assets of the network, as well as to facilitating informed democratic process at large.

Aside from running a select number of outcomes-oriented forums, we provide a hosting platform for our clients interested in taking their own collaborative efforts on-line and tapping into our network to further develop their projects, policies and ideas. If you are interested in talking to us about hosting a forum or a collaborative project, please email us at info@openforum.com.au.

Our office is Sydney-based, but our reach extends beyond local and national boundaries. If you would like to join our network, we'd love to hear from you.