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Together we can stop the heartache

Big Heart Appeal logo

This September big-hearted Australians are again invited to help save lives and make research possible by supporting the Heart Foundation Big Heart Appeal.

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Spring clean your wardrobe

National Op Shop Week 2014 logo

It is National Op Shop Week from 24 to 31 August, where Australians are invited to celebrate the vital role of their charity op shops. The week is a reminder to spring clean their wardrobes and donate clothing in good condition but no-longer needed to their local charity op shops.

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Speak your mind

FODI 2014

For the 6th time the Sydney Opera House hosts a festival of ideas, conversation and debate. The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is presented in association with St James Ethics Centre.

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Blog of the Day

Chris Stevenss picture

A personal journey

posted by Chris Stevens, Aug 29, 2014

In our disruptive digital age we have to foresee change and adapt in order to be successful. Chris Stevens explains how he came to set up TalentFlow, helping individuals and organisations adapting into the future.

I was CIO of Sensis on 24th August 2006. By 12 o’clock I was no longer the CIO. How did I get here?

Today, eight years later, I am the Managing Director of a company called TalentFlow. We work with CIOs on personal and corporate strategies. We are doing the things that I should have done when I worked at Sensis.

Let me backtrack a few years: I was on an excellent career trajectory. I was on a high salary, I was safe, and I worked in a job that I really enjoyed with colleagues that I loved to work with. I was safe. So what happened on that day when my boss gave me the pink slip? And why was I there – the victim, as it were?

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Featured Forum


Education is a subject close to all of our hearts. Whether it is finding the best school for our children or choosing the right university, it is about shaping the future of the next generation.

Educational research is hard to read, and there is an abundance of opposing opinions and emotional debate around the subject. Independent or public? Mixed or single-sex? Does paying a lot of money for education actually get you a better result?

In our featured forum on Education we want to explore an array of issues, including the current state of the Australian education system, the future of higher education, new models of funding, education in the context of a deregulatory government, Australia’s position on the global stage regarding academic research, the quality of teaching and collaboration between business and academia.

The featured forum will be leading up to the Global Access Partners Annual Growth Summit on Education in Sydney on the 18th and 19th of September 2014 at NSW Parliament House with speakers and participants featured in this area.

If you would like to contribute a blog to join the debate, please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au.

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Recommended Articles

We are eating our own plastic garbage

Greg Mueller's picture

The pacific vortex that is harming marine life and consequently humans is just one of many pressing environmental issues. Gregory Mueller says positive change can be achieved with organised people power.

Putting human rights into practice

James Guthrie's picture

The United Nations recently formulated the first guiding principles for corporate human rights responsibilities. James Guthrie from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia was part of the launch of research on the implications of these principles for corporate Australia.

Commercialising university research: a good but costly move

Tim Mazzarol's picture

The federal government is seeking to restructure the way university research funding is allocated to foster more applied outcomes. Tim Mazzarol explains why strengthening the relationship between universities and industry makes sense.

What if bioinformatics could measure health for an early diagnosis of disease?

Shoba Ranganathan's picture

Bioinformatics joins biology and computing together to analyse data from biological samples. Professor Shoba Ranganathan recently hosted a conference that addressed how we can mine biological data to quantify health and develop preventive healthcare strategies.

What’s wrong with school chaplains?

David Zyngier's picture

The federal government is endorsing chaplains to provide advice and care to school children. Dr David Zyngier from the Faculty of Education at Monash University says the essential fault of the program is that it is compulsory to put a religious person in this position.

Why students’ full learning potential isn’t maximised in higher education (and what we’re doing about it)

Adam Brimo's picture

Students learn best when they actively construct their own knowledge and understanding. Adam Brimo explains how the learning platform OpenLearning aims to change the current model of higher education and align it with how students really learn.