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12 dos of Christmas Planet Ark

In the festive season Australians buy more, travel more and eat more than at any other time of the year. This can take a strain not only on our wallets, but also on the environment. Planet Ark again has the 12 dos of Christmas to inspire Aussies to celebrate a Christmas with more joy and less waste.

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Dine out and help out

DineSmart logo

There is still time to take part in the DineSmart initiative. Until 31 December StreetSmart partners with restaurants to ask diners to make a small donation to StreetSmart. Every table is asked to add $2 or more to their bill, not even the price of a coffee. It’s a simple idea that adds up to a big impact on the lives of people who are homeless.

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Read about GAP’s Education Summit

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Education in Australia took center stage at the 5th National Economic Review held at NSW Parliament House in Sydney on 18 and 19 September 2014.

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Blog of the Day

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My year of wonder - discovering mindfulness in business

posted by Leah Sparkes, Dec 23, 2014

Wonder and amazement can be found in the most unlikely places. Leah Sparkes is observing a mindful revolution in corporate Australia.

Recently my eight year old son had to do a project on inventions. The task was to interview a grandparent or someone older about an invention that had the biggest influence on their lives and then research and present on it.

My son decided to interview a wonderful gentleman in our building who is 94 years old and most definitely considered a special grand friend (GF). After much consideration our GF said that the radio was the invention that most influenced his life. As a young boy being able to hear the cricket and follow Don Bradman’s achievements from his living room sparked his imagination and curiosity about the world.

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Social Responsibility

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” (Winston Churchill)

Many companies have made social responsibility an integral part of their business model. It’s an increasingly important issue for any organisation. There is a shift towards making a positive contribution – or at least reducing a negative impact – on a corporate and individual level.

More companies today believe in giving back to the community, as they begin to understand how economic growth is linked to social and environmental wellbeing. To be sustainable and credible, organisations have to take the social and environmental consequences of their actions into account.

Is social responsibility integrated in your organisation? How can we strike a balance between economical growth and the welfare of the workforce, our families, the local community and the larger society? And how can we be socially responsible as individuals? How do our actions affect communities outside our immediate circle of family and friends?

If you are interested in contributing a blog, you are warmly invited to contact Svetlana, the editor of Open Forum, at sstankovic@openforum.com.au.

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Social Responsibility

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Giving new life to old tech at Christmas

Brad Gray's picture

Christmas is around the corner, a time to get together and eat and drink and exchange… stuff. Brad Gray from Planet Ark has some practical tips on how to lessen the environmental impact.

Terrorists do not belong to any religion

Recep Dogan's picture

Muslim scholar Dr Recep Dogan condemns the siege in Martin Place, Sydney, that ended in tragedy. He hopes that Australians of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds will be able to come together and engage in a dialogue of love and mutual understanding.

Why all education matters to us

James Guthrie's picture

Federal ministers, policy makers, CEOs and academics recently gathered to discuss the current state and future of Australian education. James Guthrie summarises what happened at this year’s GAP summit.

Corporate Social Responsibility beyond the ethical minimum – start the talking

Wim De Groof's picture

Corporate Social Responsibility is more than merely fulfilling a legal duty. Wim De Groof says we need ‘management by values’ with a culture of social dialogue empowering the ethical performance of a company.

How giving actually works

Ian Lowe's picture

In the economics of human interaction, spending doesn’t deplete, but multiplies. Ian Lowe from Go-Givers Australia illustrates with a case study that in life or business, the more you give, the more you have.

Banning video games – taking responsibility as a society

Angela Borbilas's picture

Target Australia recently pulled the R-rated video game Grand Theft Auto V from its shelves following feedback about the game's depictions of violence against women. Angela Borbilas says it’s time for the community to come together and recognise that we all have to do our part.