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Royal Easter Show 2014 logo

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is running from 10 to 23 April 2014. It celebrates Australian culture, from rural traditions to modern day lifestyles. It is Australia’s largest annual event, attracting close to 900,000 people each year.

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Our voice. Our impact.

It’s National Youth Week (NYW) from 4 to 13 April 2014, the largest celebration of young people in Australia. Thousands of young people aged 12-25 from across Australia get involved in NYW each year.

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You imagine what you desire

19th Biennale of Sydney

From the 21 March to 9 June the Biennale of Sydney presents Australiaʼs largest contemporary visual arts event. Held every two years, the Biennale has this time gathered more than 85 artists from 28 countries, with an accompanying program of artist talks, forums, guided tours and family days.

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Blog of the Day

Rachel Smiths picture

Do bicycle advocates need to act like Hollywood?

posted by Rachel Smith, Apr 17, 2014

What does Hollywood have to do with bike riding? Rachel Smith says we all need to get involved in collecting data if we want to see our dream of more people cycling come true.

Last week @Coxy tweeted me his dream; a cycleway on Brisbane’s Sylvan Road. I replied “Create an action plan of the things that you can influence & control – ignore the ones you can’t – then let’s meet for coffee”. “Not entirely sure what I can influence or control” he replied. Which got me thinking, if we really want our cycling dreams to be realised we need to work together to make them happen.

My friend Inke works in Hollywood. In the movies every last and final detail is researched to the last degree – no rock is left unturned. Everything that can be researched is researched.

So, do bicycle advocates need to act like Hollywood?

Yes, I think we do.

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Featured Forum

Urban Planning

Australia needs a vision for its urban spaces. As our population grows and demographic changes, we need a sound strategy to ensure the sustainable future of our urban landscape. The pressure on our roads, on public transport and energy systems is intensifying. Infrastructures will have to be able to cope with the increasing demand.

In our featured forum on Urban Planning we will look at the organisation and design of our urban surroundings. How can we make sure that our public spaces accommodate the needs of our communities? How can we improve urban planning to ensure our cities are environmentally sustainable?

We aim to introduce diverse neighbourhoods and consider the practical versus the aesthetic needs of urban design. What are the challenges, where are solutions for our public transport system? We will inspect the Australian property market – the very essence of every Australian dinner party conversation.

If we want to preserve our urban heritage for future generations, we need to work together with directly affected community groups and experts alike. We intend to give a voice to both in this featured forum.

Does any of these topics inspire you, or is there another aspect that you think is vital for the debate? Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au to share your story, opinion or ideas.

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WA Senate re-elections – what does it mean for voters?

Dominic O'Sullivan's picture

The Senate re-election in Western Australia has come and gone almost unnoticed by a seemingly disengaged public. Dominic O’Sullivan argues that to enhance the democratic credentials of our system we need to make sure that the act of voting is sufficiently clear for a vote to mean what the voter intends it to mean.

Conversation at the end of a life well lived

Don Campbell's picture

Watching a loved person die is painful and confronting. Don Campbell urges patients and their families to have their own difficult conversations in advance to help doctors provide compassionate care at the end of a life well lived.

Disruption in the space industry

Jason Held's picture

With new technologies emerging, the barriers to space are continuously being reduced. Jason Held from Saber Astronautics explains how even smaller companies are now able to enter the space sector.

How to be a bettertarian

Rebecca Sullivan's picture

There are so many choices around food available, which makes it complicated for consumers to purchase sustainable products. Rebecca Sullivan explains how as a bettertarian she makes better nutritional choices that integrate the land, the animals and the people.

Integrate self care into health policy

Deon Schoombie's picture

The current health care system is under enormous pressure. Deon Schoombie, Executive Director of the Australian Self Medication Industry, wants a national conversation on how self care can be more fully integrated into our health care policy.

From Darfur to Cipayung: refugees are left stranded

Antje Missbach's picture

Prime Minister Tony Abbott recently marked 100 days without an asylum seeker boat arrival. Antje Missbach follows up what happens to those asylum seekers who don’t make it to Australia.