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National Close the Gap Day16 March 2017 is National Close the Gap Day in Australia. This is a day in which all Australians band together to spread awareness about the health inequality that is affecting Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across the country.

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The Case for National Electricity Reform

The case for National Electricity ReformThe latest report by the National Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment calls for a redesign of the National Electricity Market (NEM) to align with Australia’s fast-changing demand profiles and more diverse grid technology.

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The Global Risks Report 2017

World Economic Forum logoThe World Economic Forum has released its interim Global Risks Report for this year. Now in its 12th edition, The Global Risks Report 2017 highlights the most significant long-term risks worldwide.


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Australia needs a proper NBN

posted by Paul Budde, Feb 27, 2017

We are currently witnessing yet another round of discussions about the national broadband network. Paul Budde explains why after having already lost most of Australians in this useless debate, we need to finally address the bigger picture.

Here we go again with more useless debates about whether the country needs a first-class national broadband network or a second-rate one; and again there are discussions around what other flavours of the multi-mix technology can we now add to it to strengthen the brew. By now we have lost most of Australians in this useless debate, and we are making very little progress.

Of course we need a first-class nbn, and that is what we would expect those in charge, both in government and in the nbn company, to deliver to the Australian people.

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In the last year we’ve had some significant changes in leadership on a political level – in Australia and abroad. It is obvious how much this shapes the course of events. A certain leadership style can inspire and unite or polarise and divide.

So what does it mean to be a good leader? Most would agree that it is someone who knows how to achieve goals and motivates people along the way. Is there a particular Australian style of leadership and if yes, what does it look like and in what way is it different?

Furthermore, how can we achieve a higher representation of female leadership throughout the Australian workforce and the broader community? Men have long dominated leadership positions. We see a more equal playing field today but gender inequality is still ripe in all areas of society. And what about Millennials in the workplace as they transition into future leaders – do they have what it takes?

It’s these and other questions that we’ll discuss in the coming two months, and we’d love to hear what you think! Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au with your questions and blog ideas.

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