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Prepare for digital transformation

Digital Disruption X 2016Digital Disruption X 2016 is a conference taking place in Sydney on 23-23 March 2016. It is aimed at c-level executives exploring how to adapt and prepare for digital transformation across all areas of business.

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Directing for performance

Australian Governance Summit 2016The Australian Governance Summit happens in Melbourne from 3-4 March 2016. Directors and board members discuss the issues affecting today's organisations and how their governance approach impacts organisational performance.

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Take control of your data

big data & analytics innovation summitThe Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit happens in Melbourne on 10-11 February 2016. With a vast amount of data available, modern businesses are faced with the challenge of storage, analysis, privacy, visualisation, security and disruptive tools and technologies.

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Blog of the Day

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Disrupt the way you become business ready

posted by Shelly Duncan, Feb 10, 2016

Disruption seems to be flavour of the year in business and technology. Shelly Duncan says we need to take an enhanced approach to how we learn and use technology that drives business outcomes.

It seems these days that “disruption” in business and technology is the cool kid on the block. This can be attributed to, in no small part, the uptake of cloud technologies. Add to that the speed at which these technologies are continuously changing and being implemented by users in increasingly different and daring ways.

Of course, this poses a whole gambit of new challenges, not least of all the challenge of keeping up with the constant change in cloud technologies. Just how does one get one’s team up to speed and ready to deliver a robust solution that for all intents and purposes seems to be a moving target.

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Featured Forum

Disruption economy

Disruption is happening to everyone – to you, your organisation, every person on the planet. But what is it? The Latin word “disrumpere” means “breaking from”. Today disruption mainly describes the impacts that new digital technologies are having across almost all industries and parts of our lives. And the rapid pace and scale of disruption is mindboggling.

But is disruption a victim of its own success? The term is being overused as entrepreneurs and leaders like to qualify what they do as “disruptive,” or to introduce a new product as a true “disruption” to stress how important and unique it is.

In this forum we discuss the many aspects of disruption, what this means for the culture and organisational structure of companies, and how we can adapt and learn to harness the power of disruptive trends. How do we disrupt before we are disrupted?

We invite you to join the debate. Please contact Svetlana at sstankovic@openforum.com.au to share your story, opinion or blog idea.


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Disruption economy

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We have to be nimble and innovative and ready for ongoing disruption

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Today we launch our Disruption economy forum. Pradeep Khanna, CEO of Global Mindset, introduces the topic with an overview of what’s happening globally.

Disruption in space – an update

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The space industry is growing rapidly, with startups and established companies taking advantage of the disrupted sector. Jason Held from Saber Astronautics wants to know if Australia is ready for the democratization of space.

Julian Assange, the UN and meanings of arbitrary detention

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A UN panel found that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who faces a rape allegation in Sweden, was "arbitrarily detained" in Ecuador's London embassy. Here’s Binoy Kampmark's take on sex, politics and allegations around the man responsible for some of the most controversial disclosures of classified data in history.

Government needs to ensure Childcare Package boosts attendance of all children

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Two reports released this week provide valuable information to assess the Government’s proposed Jobs for Families Childcare Package. Samantha Page, CEO of Early Childhood Australia, calls on the Federal Government to amend the Package Bill to ensure that all three and four year olds in Australia will be able to access early childhood education.

On being a futurist

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What is a futurist and why do we need them? Janine Cahill, one of the world’s top female futurists, shares three of the top trends she believes will profoundly shape the way we will work.

Will gaming unlock our brains?

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Videogames are much more than just mindless entertainment. Dr. Jenny Brockis explains how they can help boost cognitive function and even assist in the management of medical conditions.